It is of great delight and pride to introduce our company “KOHINOOR COLLECTIONS PVT LTD”, a new entry in the E-Commerce industry with the hope of establishing a relationship with you and your organization.

We are a full-service oriented company currently based in Lucknow with the aim of rendering quality & creative digital marketing services to companies like you. The primary approach of our company is based on the simple analogy that the success of our clients equates our success as well & this shall be our guiding principle in every transaction.

Our company is composed of highly enthusiastic, talented & experienced team and is fully equipped with latest digital platform & technology ready to satisfy your marketing & promotions demand. To fully orient you with our capabilities and the range of services that we offer. This is very important for the company since it wants to emphasize customer service & satisfaction. If you want to know more about us, please refer to the documents. You can also contact us for additional information.